§ 1 General Terms & Conditions and Seller Information

These Terms & Conditions (hereinafter: “T&C”) stipulate the general terms of online sales of merchandise on website, offered for sale by Rafał Kołodziej operating as GREENHAT Rafał Kołodziej with the registered office in Poznan 60-757 at ul. Grottgera 4a/19, NIP [Tax ID no.] 692-155-89-29, REGON [Business Statistical no.] 630939867, e-mail:, hereinafter referred to as the “Store”.

In these Terms & Conditions, the party intending to purchase products from our online store and registered on shall be hereinafter referred to as “Client” or “User”. Only adults, corporations or organizations without legal personality can make purchases in our online store. Persons younger than 18 will each time be requested not to make purchases in our online store. Before placing an order, a client is obliged to read and accept these Terms & Conditions. You are required to accept these Terms & Conditions in order to make a purchase from our online store, and you can do so when filling out the order form (the transaction process is described in Clause 4 of the Terms & Conditions).

§ 2 Protection of Personal Data

Please note that personal data of our Clients will only be processed to complete the order, and is subject to protection under absolutely applicable legal regulations. User’s personal data is obtained when the user registers at website. The administrator of the collected client data is GREENHAT Rafał Kołodziej. Personal data is not made available to other entities for marketing purposes. Please note that our Clients may review their personal data stored by our online store, as well as change or update their information. Personal data submitted by our Clients is stored and secured at the registered offices of GREENHAT Rafał Kołodziej in line with the terms set forth in applicable legal regulations. Please note as well that your personal data may be deleted from website at any time by deleting the user profile.

§ 3 Products Offered for Sale and Product Prices

Information about the products offered by our online store at does not constitute an offer as defined by the provisions of the Civil Code but is only meant as presentation of the products offered by our Online Store. When a Client purchases a given product, he or she will receive information about the said product, including its name, producer or importer, the conformity marking, marketing license for the Republic of Poland and, respectively to the type of product, specification of its energy intensity, as well as any other data required by legal regulations. All prices at our online store are listed in Polish zloty (PLN) or in EURO (EUR) and are inclusive of the applicable VAT.

§ 4 Transaction Process

To purchase a product from our online store please register at and submit your purchase form on our website. Submitting the purchase form is understood as accepting our terms of sale, including these Terms & Conditions. If the information provided by you is false, incomplete or incorrect, we will attempt to contact you to correct or complete such information. If we cannot contact you, we will withdraw from the sales transaction. We reserve the right to terminate the sales transaction if the product cannot be obtained from the supplier. In that case, the payment received from our Client will be returned immediately to the bank account indicated by the Client. You can change your order at any time until you receive the order completion confirmation from the store. You can also cancel your order before you receive the order confirmation. If the order was prepaid, your payment will be returned by the store without undue delay, no later than within 30 days. Once you receive (via email) an order completion confirmation from our store, the Store and the User have effectively entered into a sales contract. After you place an order to purchase the product, you will be instructed to make a payment using the payment method of your choice. We will dispatch the products for delivery as soon as you make the payment or the funds are credited to our bank account (depending on whether you choose to use the PayPal system or wire transfer). If you choose to pay cash on delivery, we ship the products as soon as the order is completed. Products purchased at our online store are delivered to clients by Polish Post or shipping companies. Shipping costs vary depending on the weight of ordered items, and are indicated when you place the order. If you request a VAT invoice or a receipt, it will be shipped to you together with your order. If any of the documents you requested are missing, please contact us so that we can provide you with the missing document. Please inspect the contents of your order carefully once you receive the delivery, and promptly notify us of any defects. When you receive your order please review the transaction on website. You can always contact our online store when your sale transaction is in progress. On our part, we will notify you of all major transaction steps (when the order is processed, your payment is received, and when your order ships).

§ 5 Methods of Payment

To pay for your order you can choose one of the following payment methods:
I) wire transfer (prepayment)
II) PayPal;
III) cash on delivery

§ 6 Returns and Order Cancellation

A consumer (i.e. an individual client who purchases goods for personal use, for purposes unrelated to his or her business or professional activity) who entered into an off-premise or distance contract may terminate the said contract in line with valid legal regulations through a written statement submitted within 14 calendar days from the delivery date of the purchased product. The return form is to be sent by registered mail or should accompany the parcel containing the returned item. The 14-day return period starts on the postage stamp date. The returned goods cannot show signs of wear in excess of standard handling. The returned goods must be complete and, if possible, still in original packaging. The goods should be returned to the store immediately, no later than 14 days after the sale contract is terminated (i.e. the date of mailing the cancellation notice). Once the store receives the contract cancellation notice, it will promptly, no later than within 14 days, reimburse the value of the returned goods and shipping costs (if such were paid) to the Client. Any costs associated with returning purchased items to the Store are paid by the Client.

§ 7 Claims

If a purchased product is defective, the Client may, in line with the Legal Act of July 27, 2002 on Specific Terms and Conditions of Consumer Sales and on Amendment to the Civil Code (Journal of Laws of 2002, no. 141, item 1176), request that the product’s condition expected under the sales contract is restored by way of a free repair or replacement with a new product, unless such repair or replacement is impossible or involves excessive costs. The store is responsible for non-conformance of goods with the contract if such non-conformance is identified less than two years after the goods are shipped to the Client, and the Client has notified the Store of the existing defect within two months after the defect is discovered. Defects identified in products purchased in the Store are to be reported to the Store via email to The defect report should contain a detailed description of the defect, the purchase date, and specifics of the Client’s claim. The Client making a claim will then receive instructions regarding return of the defective goods to the Store. Any discrepancies arising from specific settings on Client’s computer (proportions, color etc.) do not constitute grounds for a claim. Shipping costs associated with returning claimed items are paid by the Client. Such shipping costs are immediately reimbursed by the Store once the package is received and the claim is considered justified. The Store will address the Client’s claim within 14 days of receiving the claim. If the Store fails to respond to the Client’s claim before the above-mentioned deadline, the claim will be considered accepted. If the claim is accepted, any defective item will be replaced with an equivalent product at full value, and if such replacement is impossible (e.g. due to the item being out of stock), the Store will reimburse full product price to the Client or offer another item from product selection available in the store. If new or repaired items need to be shipped to satisfy Client’s claims, shipping costs will be paid by the Store.

§ 8 Final Provisions

Any issues not regulated by these Terms & Conditions are subject to the provisions of the Civil Code, the Legal Act of July 27, 2002 on Specific Terms and Conditions of Consumer Sales and on Amendment to the Civil Code, and the Legal Act of March 2, 2000 (Journal of Laws of 2012 on Protection of Certain Consumer Rights and on Liability for Injuries Caused by Dangerous Products (Journal of Laws of 2012 No. 1225). The store reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions for valid reasons, e.g. as a consequence of amendments to legal regulations (including, in particular, tax law), change in relations with suppliers or manufacturers, or technological changes. Each amendment to these Terms & Conditions will be published at least 30 days in advance, and will only apply to orders placed after the revised version of the Terms & Conditions comes into effect.