• Pursuant to Article 7 of the Legal Act of March 2, 2000 on Protection of Certain Consumer Rights and Liability for Injuries Caused by Dangerous Products, the Customer may terminate the sales contract without specifying the grounds for termination by submitting a respective written statement within 14 days from product delivery date.
  • The Customer should return the product without delay, no later than 14 days from the sales contract termination date, to the address indicated below.
  • Returned items cannot show any signs of wear, should be complete and intact. We recommend that the return form printed overleaf should be used for returns.
  • The payment will be returned to the account indicated by the Customer within 14 days.
  • Return shipping costs are to be paid by the Customer. Packages shipped “cash on delivery” will not be accepted.


  • Claims regarding products incompliant with the sales contract can be made within 2 years from the purchase date.
  • Claims should be made using the return / claim form printed overleaf.
  • A claim will only be processed if the claimed item and the detailed description of claim are shipped to the address listed below.
  • The store will process the claim in 14 days after we receive the product, and notify the Client about subsequent actions to be taken.
  • If the Customer’s claim is accepted, online store will repair or replace the claimed item with an equivalent product at full value; if such replacement is not possible, the store will return the payment made for the claimed item to the Client within 14 calendar days after the claim is processed.
  • Our Client Service Department will notify the Customer that the claim has been processed by email or phone.
  • If the claim is accepted, the Store will ship full-value item to the address indicated by the Customer, at the Store’s cost.

Returns and Claims Department address:

NOGISTONOGI ul. Janowo 25 61-680 Poznań

Please contact our Client Service Department at:  


phone number          0048 600 305 158